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  1. No jestem
  2. LFT

  3. It depends on player's expirience too. I mean, 2 players with 5500 mmr, but first one plays dota for 8 years and another one for 3 years will show you different results. I think you won't find answer with these. It even depends on mood, migraine, sleep and many other things. You need more than 1k ppl and ~10 different groups with 100 guys in each IMO.
  4. Sen

    4-6 god
  5. nice country pool you can remove most of them except Poland and add Mongolia to be top 1.
  6. mogem pomoc teoretyczne, w dote juz nie gram.
  7. Puck is the best hero in this game last 4 years. Close.
  8. dobry czlowiek ale nie polecam jak gracza.
  9. Interesting if organisators really will pay for it.